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Ronald Dean Jerde spent over thirteen months in Vietnam from late 1967 to early 1969. He never spoke a word of those days until he had retired. It was not his choice to begin reminiscing about those experiences. His subconscious returned him to the jungles of Vietnam during his many sleepless nights in retirement. As these flashbacks became more frequent, Dean started to talk to his brother Paul and me, on occasion.


His random thoughts were disjointed at first, sometimes repetitive and difficult to follow. I was extremely uncomfortable even listening to some of his revelations at first but was even more fearful of asking questions or any clarification.


During this process, I offered Dean anonymity as the revelations became more personal. He not only chose to use his real name but to coauthor the book. It was my honor and privilege to have been present to record these memoirs. It is our hope and prayer that we can encourage other war veterans to come forward for help.


Tom Pisapia

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